11772 Periodontist

11772 Periodontist

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Gum disease is the irritation, inflammation, or infection of your gum tissue that results from the effects of dental plaque and tartar. Just as you pay due attention to the well-being of your teeth, so too should you ensure that the health of your gums is a high priority. Our 11772 periodontist, Dr. Adam L. Bear, is dedicated to promoting and maintaining strong, vibrant gums that will be the foundation for your teeth now and in the future.

Gum disease progresses, starting out as a nuisance and eventually becoming a serious danger. The first stage is known as gingivitis. Irritation and redness are typical These signs may be mild enough that you are not aware. It’s possible that gingivitis will first be noticed during a routine twice-yearly oral examination. The good news is that a simple teeth cleaning (or two) will reverse the effects of gingivitis, returning your gums to their normal state. There are two ways that you may end up with advanced gum disease, for which you will need the expertise of our 11772 periodontist to remedy. Chronic periodontitis ordinarily is the outcome from unaddressed gingivitis, like when you neglect to have a six month checkup or you delay it for too long. The other way is that due to an underlying factor such as diabetes, heart disease, or if you’re smoker, gum disease may progress at a more rapid pace. In either case, the outcomes are signs such as receding gums, bleeding of gums when brushing your teeth, and persistent bad breath. If not dealt with then, you could end up with a gum infection, causing the erosion of gum and bone tissue and loose teeth.

Don’t let gum disease cause you health consequences. Please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment to see our 11772 periodontist.

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